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“Destruction of the Fake News by Kayleigh McEnany over OBAMAGATE…!”  Maj 22, 2020

“🔴 Live: President Trump Participates in a Memorial Day Ceremony at Fort McHenry…!”  Maj 25, 2020

AP Archive: “Trump moving closer to creating a Space Force…!” Feb 24, 2019

“President Trump Participates in the Presentation of the United States Space Force Flag May…!” Maj 15, 2020

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“Where did COVID19 come from The Epoch Times…!”  Censored video  (Archive)  

“The first documentary movie on CCP virus Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus…!”   Censored video  (Archive) 

“How Svetlana Lokhova Became A Casualty of Spygate, In Her Own Words | American Thought Leaders…!”

“How Communist China Infiltrates U.S. Campuses & Steals Research, Covid 19 & Beyond—Cabot Phillips…!”

“USAID’s Bonnie Glick: Trump’s Ultimatum to the WHO for COVID 19 Failures; China Debt-Trap Diplomacy…!”

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American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times:

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“Last week…  2care.com especially recommend:  * * * * *

“What They Don’t Want You To Know About Covid-19 Dropping Bombs Ep 264 Dr Rashid Buttar…!”   Censored video  (Archive) 

“Heavyweight Boxer Blows Whistle On Child Trafficking. Dropping Bombs (Ep 266) | David Nino Rodriguez…!”

What The United States Constitution Says About the Lockdown | The Real Brad Lea…!”

“My response to Dr Judy Mikovits Video Banned by YouTube…!”    “BANNNED VIDEO”    Watch below:

“Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr Fauci’s Medical Corruption part 1…!”    “BANNNED VIDEO”   + 450,000 views   (240p)

“Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr Fauci’s Medical Corruption part 2…!”   “BANNNED VIDEO”   + 450,000 views   (240p)

“Life After Coronavirus – Will It Ever Be the Same…?”

“Classified Alien Encounters Revealed By Traumatologist…!”

“Q – We Are The Plan…!”

“Q – Dark To Light…!”

“Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED…!”

“The Best Is Yet To Come – #Trump2020…!”

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Joe M.  (The storm Is Upon Us):

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Super professional presentation of the Q movement…


“Tom Fitton: YouTube CENSORED JW Video on Alleged “Whistleblower” Visiting Obama White House…!”  Censored video

“Did Hillary Clinton Use Private Email Server to Get Around Freedom of Information Act Laws…!”

“Adam Schiff Wants to Keep Records on the Impeachment Abuse of Trump a SECRET!…!”

“#ObamaGate: The Targeting of Mike Flynn EXPLAINED…!”

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Working horses for transparency and justice


“Diamond and Silk – Liberty University Convocation…!”

“Diamond and Silk discussed the Ukraine transcript…!”

“President Trump meets with Diamond and Silk…!”

“Diamond and Silk on live 4-10-2020….!”

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Hard  hitting, bright and beautiful ladies…

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“Harley Schlanger Dissects President Trump’s Deep State Takedown…!”

“Part 1: General Flynn – The Deep State’s Political Prisoner Exonerated…!”

“Part 2: General Flynn – The Deep State’s Political Prisoner Exonerated…!”

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Always bringing you important informationn, with surgery precision and a steady hand, to keep you on the right track…No sedation is granted…


“Monolithic Conspiracy….!” 

“Homo Sorosensus….!”

“We Are Being Played….!”

“Real World or Simulation….!

“The 7-step Recipe For Creating Vaccine Demand….!”


Trump Investigating NIH and PEPFAR….?”

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Nose for research…. Coming right in under your skin,  with a lot of important information….

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“Q Anon Dershowitz Exposes GS And O Game Over, Epstein The Key Judges…!”

“Q Anon Pardons And Reasons, Murphy, Iran, Judicial Picks, Stone, No Crime Event…!”

“Q Anon Royals, 3 22, 1848, Drills, Fauci Mystery, Outbreak…!”

Absolutely Michael of course you have my permission…

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Full speed ahead research…If her cats haven’t eaten her pc-mouse or mic…


“Laura Ingraham Blasts Dr Anthony Fauci on Coronavirus, 2948…!”   Censored video  (Archive)

“Pete Buttigieg – Just Another Fake Candidate, 2949…!”

“Bill Still’s Appearance on Money Matters, 3067…!”

“Trump Checkmates Dems on New Intel Director, 3068…!”

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Always calm and spot on…Bringing you important information…


“Episode 863 Scott Adams: Let Me Tell You How We Beat the Virus and Get Back to Work Soon…!”

“Episode 864 Scott Adams: Pls I’ve Thoughts Before Bedtime While Self-Swaddling In a Warm Blanket…!”

“Episode 865 Scott Adams: Good Morning, Shut-Ins. Let’s Sip…!”

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Knows what you’re thinking about politics…Even before you know it yourselves, served to you, with a warm sense of humor…


“VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”…!”

“BREAKING Twitter LOCKS DOWN James O’Keefe’s Account…!”

“BUSTED: NH Primary Elections Official Breaks Election Law “I Think Voting Any Democrat is Wise…!”

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Project Veritas:


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