Amazing Polly – Link collection:




US Embassy speaker:

Asia Foundation originally a product of the executive branch, created as a private foundation so as to appear arms length:

Power: Clinton is a Monster:

Deeper Dive into the Asia Foundation:

Samantha Power from the Echo Foundation bio:

Power in Sri Lanka March 2019:,_Samantha_Power_tells_Sri_Lanka-3-13588.html

FULL TEXT Power’s Speech in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb 28, 2019:

“Nudge” – Sunstein, Obama, Power, NYT:

“Conspiracy Theories” Cass Sunstein, Adrien Vermeule:

Bronfman Plea Hearing / Cafritz:

Kieran McCool / Lyra Mckee / Ireland shooting of journalist:

ASOS “Peace Collection” 201:

Denmark’s richest man Sri Lanka terror:

Milennium Challenge Corporation:

People Killed in Sri Lanka:

Sidwell Friends, TIME:,8599,1861334,00.html

Heavy article on Keiran Zoysa death in Sri Lanka:

Account of Mother’s Front, used by Mangala Sameerawara:

Canada Imm & Refugee Board report on Mother’s Front:

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